Snapchat Spy App For Android, iPhone, iPad And Other Devices

If you are looking for Snapchat spy app to spy on someone’s Snapchat account photos and videos without password then you have come to right place. Today I am sharing very easy to use Snapchat spying app which works on all devices without rooting android device or jailbreaking iOS. For example, if someone is using Snapchat on Android or iPhone then you can easily spy on his/her Snapchat account photos with the help of this software. Also, this software enables you to view their snapchat photos directly from you computer connected to internet. You can also view their Snapchat’s from your Android and iPhone by using online dashboard.

This software allows you to view and download all Snapchat photo’s sent or received on target device. This software monitors all snapchat photos and videos and save them on online server. You can access the online server by login into your provided dashboard. This Snapchat spy app for Android and iPhone stores all photos and videos in original quality so that you can view and save them in your computer. Also, this software use its real time notification to notify you on current ongoing Snapchat photos received or sent so that you can view them from your dashboard. This software has all good features for you to spy on someones Snapchat account photos from Android, iPhone or PC/MAC. Click on below botton to get started now.


This is very good app and it can be used for spying on Telegram also. Someone has written about Telegram spying with the help of this app. You can read that here telegram hack

Features Of This Snapchat Spying App

  • It allows you to view and download all Snapchat photos and videos from target phone without them knowing.
  • It gives you instant notification of new snapchat photo received or sent.
  • It also shows username of current ongoing conversation.
  • You can view all snapchats on target phone from your device(Computer or Phone) connected to internet.
  • Captures photos will never get deleted and you can view them any number of times.
  • You can delete the captures photos from online server if you want to.

How To Setup This Spy Software for Snapchat

Setting up this software is very simple and it only takes few minutes. below are the steps given to setup this software on target phone.

  1. First take subscription of this software. You can go for monthly subscription to test powerful features of this software.
  2. You will get a client software after purchasing subscription.
  3. Download the client software.
  4. Install client software on target phone such as your kid’s phone to view their snapchat photos.
  5. Installation of client software is very easy and it takes only 2 minutes or less.
  6. Now you are done with installation on target phone.
  7. Now login to your online dashboard to view all photos and videos.
  8. You can access online dashboard from your computer or phone connected to internet.
  9. Now you can spy on Snapchat of your kid without him/her knowing.
  10. If he/she will send to anyone then it will be captured and will be stored on online server so that you can view them at any time.

This Snapchat spy software is very very good if you want to spy on Snapchat and I have tested this software personally. I highly recommend this software to all people out there who want to protect their kids and families from online cyber bullying.

Why Use This Spy Software

There are numerous use of this software, first and most important use is to protect your kids from going in wrong direction. You will monitor all his/her Snapchat photos so that you can guide them in their life. By using this software you will get to know about his friends and other people who are are in his/her snapchat contacts.

Other use of this Snapchat spy app is to monitor your employees to see if they are under company limitation and they are not leaking company confidential documents.

Apart from all this there are very useful use of this software to protect your family and loved ones and guiding them to true path of life.

At last, I want to say that this is best snapchat spy app you will ever use because of its easy to use features and online dashboard. If you are serious about your kids and families then use this spy software to spy on someones snapchat account photos on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and nearly all devices. It is also compatible with latest Android and iOS software.


You will find very fake softwares online which claim to spy on snapchat account without them knowing but those are fake softwares, they ask you to complete a survey in order to download the fake file. They ask you for your personal information like phone number, email address, etc. Please do not fall into trap of such fake software and do not complete surveys. The only way to spy is with the help of this software. Use this tool and you will be highly satisfied.