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I’ve created this program to ease my web development. I use two monitors and various HTML editing tools. I don’t use any WYSIWYG editors, because I have quite bad experience with them. They simply suck from times of Microsoft FrontPage and it doesn’t seem it is going to be any better. Anyway, I’m a coding guy and I want to have my code under my control.

These days I’ve ended using Firefox and Firebug for daily web development and doing manual page refreshing. Firebug is great for fast prototyping of styles and simple DOM manipulation. But it was always pain for me to sync changes from Firebug back to my source files. And that is why I’ve created this tool. I wanted to stay with my sources and use full power of my source code editor. But still have prototyping flexibility like in Firebug.

XRefresh is quite flexible. You can use it with almost any editor and web stack. You can even use it over network. I’m curious what tools do you use XRefresh with. If you have interesting combination, please tell us in the forum.

To get most of XRefresh you should have two monitors and fast web stack for good refresh response.

Hope you find this tool useful …


To create this piece of software I have used work by quite many people from the web. I’m going to list some of them here as soon as I save some extra time for digging into sources. For now, just “Thank you guys” 🙂

Interested in XRefresh source code ?

This program is free. If you paid for it, you should get refund. This program is opensource under MIT license with exception of logo, graphics, website and installer which are licensed under this license.