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  • Install Firebug 1.4 or higher
  • Install XRefresh Addon (you don’t need this step if you are going to use XRefresh with IE only).
  • Download Windows Monitor and go through the installation process. It will install XRefresh traybar application and IE plugin.

1. Launch XRefresh and check for it in the traybar

After start the icon is gray and it means that there are no browsers connected to XRefresh.

2. Tell XRefresh where are located your files

XRefresh will watch for your modified files. But you have to tell where are your web projects located on the disk. Don’t worry, you can simply drag&drop; interesting folders onto configuration dialog.

3. Let Firefox or Internet Explorer connect to XRefresh

In Firefox you need a latest version of Firebug. XRefresh acts as plugin into Firebug and has it’s own tab panel in Firebug window. You need to enable Firebug for particular site to enable XRefresh functionality.

In Interenet Explorer 7 you can find XRefresh icon in the tools in the top right corner (the icon may be hidden in the chevron section).

The icon reflects the connection status. You may click it to open XRefresh Panel:

And finaly you are ready to go

You should see active icon in the traybar. Now, when you modify any file which passes the project settings, tray icon will flash and browser gets refreshed.